From beef

Happy Bosnjak
Rump steack filled with ham1 and Holland cheese1, French fries, Djuvec rise and salad
20,90 €
Rumpsteak “Förster”
with mushrooms, french fries, salad
23,50 €
Rumpsteak “Brzola”
with sharp Meditierranean tomato sauce, french fries, salad
23,50 €
Beef medaillons
with sauce bernaise, vegetables of the season, potatoes au gratin
26,50 €
2 beef fillet medaillons with pineapple, Dutch cheese1, mushrooms, broccoli, fruit curry rice
28,90 €
Filet of beef
in pepper cognac sauce, fried potatoes, salad
29,50 €
1 preservatives