Beef consomme
with vegetables “Julienne”
Tomato soup
with creme fraiche and rice
French onion soup
au gratin


From La Morocha Beef fillet with salad bouquet, grated Parmesan cheese1
Goats milk cheese
on salad with balsamico
stuffed with spinach and sheep´s milk cheese1
Six Snails
with  garlic and herb sauce, baked French style
leaf spinach
with shrimps on sauce hollandaise, au gratin1
Fresh mushrooms
with herb sauce, au gratin1
Shrimps piquant
with garlic and chilli on olive oil

1 preservatives


Spezialitäten vom Lavastein-Grill

7 Stück Hackfleischröllchen, Pommes Frites, Djuetschreis, Salat
Halb und halb
4 Cevapcici, Duroc Schweinenackerspieß, Pommes frites, Djuwetschreis, Salat
mit Strohschwein Speck1 Pommes frites, Djuwetschreis, Salat
2 Duroc Schweinenackenspieße, Pommes frites, Djuwetschreis, Salat
Hacksteak gefüllt mit Schafskäse, Djuwetschreis, Salat
Cevapcici,Hacksteak Duroc Schweinenackenspieß, Duroc Schweinekoteklett, Rinderleber, Pommes frites, Djuwetschreis, Salat
Iberico Schweinefilet, Duroc Kotelett, Hacksteak , Stroh- Schweinespeck, Djuwetschreis, Salat
3 Cevapcici, Duroc Schweinenackenspieß, Iberico Schweinefilet, Rumpsteak, Scheibe Schafskäse, Djuwetschreis, Salat
Iberico Schweinefilet und Duroc Schweinekotelett, Rumpsteak, panierter Gouda Käse1, Pommes Frites, Djuwetschreis, Salat
2 Lammkotelett, Rumpsteak, Putenschnitzel in Eihülle, Pommes Frites, Djuwetschreis, Salat

Turkey specialties

Turkey steak Florida
with pineapple, banana, curry sauce, buttered rice, salad
Turkey escalope
stuffed baked with spinach and sheep´s milk cheese1, au gratin, stewed mushrooms and pasta
Turkey India
Strips of turkey with mushrooms, curry cream sauce, fresh fruit, butter rice and salad
1 preservatives

Pork specialties

Cordon Bleu
Filet of pork stuffed1 with ham and cheese1, fine vegetables, fried potatoes
Filet of pork with bacon1, pepper tomato sauce, French fries and salad
Shopped filet of pork, with onion, pepper tomato sauce, egg, buttered rice /*spicy*/
Pork medaillons
with mushrooms cream, season vegetables, potatoes au gratin
Russian Troika
Pork filet stuffed with pickles and beef strips to sauce béarnaise, fried potatoes and salad
1 preservatives

From calf

Wiener veal cutlet
with French fries and salad
Veal filet medaillons
with mushrooms of herb sauce, season vegetables, potatoes auf gratin

From Lamb

Lamb fry-up
with pepper, mushrooms, onion, garlic sauce, Rosemary potatoes and salad
Lamb variation
3 Lamb cutlets, 1 hip-bone steak, 3 lamp chops, jacket potato and salad
Lamb chop
medium rare rips of lamp, Thymine sauce, leaf spinach, potatoes gratin
Filet of lamb

medium grilles in garlic sauce, leaf spinach and potatoes gratin

From beef

Happy Bosnjak
Rump steack filled with ham1 and Holland cheese1, French fries, Djuvec rise and salad
Rumpsteak “Förster”
with mushrooms, french fries, salad
Rumpsteak “Brzola”
with sharp Meditierranean tomato sauce, french fries, salad
Beef medaillons
with sauce bernaise, vegetables of the season, potatoes au gratin
2 beef fillet medaillons with pineapple, Dutch cheese1, mushrooms, broccoli, fruit curry rice
Filet of beef
in pepper cognac sauce, fried potatoes, salad
1 preservatives

For lover of steaks

La Morocha Angus Beef

Known as the best Argentine beef. The selected beef of the race „Aberdeen Angus” deliver the excellent, naturally grown meat. The ecologic environment is decisive for the quality of the beefs, who are selected by hands and therefore guarantee the always equally retaining quality. The meat is very much reduced of fat and contains little cholesterol.

Rump steak
200 gr
each more 50gr +
Filet steak
200 gr
each more 50gr +

mixed salad

Shopka salad with sheep´s milk cheese

Tomato salad

spinach leaves

vegetables of the saison

French fries, croquettes, fried potatoes

fried potatoes with Bacon and onions

jacket potatoes or potatoes au gratin

butter rice, djuwetsch rice

fried onion

Sauce béarnaise, pepper sauce, garlic sauce oder sauce Hollandaise

Secialties of the house for two an more persons

Adria plate
Lamb cutlett, happy bosnyak, hashed steak, Raznjici, vegatables of the season, French fries, djuvec rice, salad
Filet of beef “Madagascar”
Flambé with mushrooms, green pepper, potato rolls and salad
Filet of beef La Morocha 500gr, rose grilled, vegatables of the season, fried potatoes, sauce Bernaise, salad

Vegetarian & pasta /own Production

Vegetables of the season
with potatoes au gratin
with season vegetables and herbs1
with peppers, chili, sheep´s cheese
with black tiger gambas, leaf spinach in tomatoes and herbs1
1 preservatives


Salad Nice
Fancy salad with herb sauce, tuna, egg, parmesan cheese1
3 Lamb chops
with fancy salad on aceto balsamico sauce
Salad Adria
Fancy salad with strips of turkey breast, fresh fruits and aceto balsamico sauce
Mixed salad
with cattle fillet tips, mushrooms
1 preservatives

For the little Hunger

Dubrovnic Plate
Turkey steak, pork cutlet, fried with Holland cheese1, Fench fries, djuvec rise, salad
Mixed plate
Hashed steak, pork cutlet, beef liver, French fries, djuvec rise, salad
Pork filet steak
in pepper sauce, fried potatoes, salad
Pork filet with pineapple
fired with Holland cheese1, curry sauce, season vegetables and butter rice
Pork filet “Adria”
with pepper, onions, ham1, mushrooms, fried potatoes, salad
1 preservatives

For our little guests

Spit of pork neck
with French fries
Wiener Schnitzel
of Pork, French fries
with peas and carrots in sour cream sauce

Dessert – Ice cream and sorbet

Mixed ice cream
Lemon sorbet
with Wodka
Hot chocolate
on vanilla ice cream
Hot raspberry
on vanilla ice cream
Fresh fruit salad with lemon sorbet
with vanilla ice cream, chocolate or raspberry sauce

Flamanded for you at the table

Price per people
With cherry water perfumed and vanilla ice cream
Crepes Suzette
Pancakes with Grand Marnier perfumed and
vaniella ice cream