grilled specialties

Beefhack rolled with djuvec rice, French fries, salad
Half and Half
Cevapcici, Raznjici, djuvec rice, French fries and salad
Slices of beef liver and bacon
with French fries, djuvec rice and salad
2 Soits of neck of pork served withFrench fries, djuvec rice and salad
Plieskavica burger
 Hashed steak stuffed with sheep´s milk cheese, djuvec rice and salad
Grill plate
Raznjici, Cevapcici, Pljeskavica, pork cutlet, beef liver, French fries, djuvec rise an salad
filet and cutlet of pork, rump steak, bacon, djuvec rise and salad
Dalmatine plate
 3 Cevapcici, Raznjici, filet of pork, rump steak, sheep´s milk cheese, with djuvec rise and salad
Opatija plate
filet and cutlet of pork, rump steak, baked Holland cheese1 djuvec rise, French fries and salad

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